What is Talent Dynamics?  – a natural path to your most productive state.

Talent Dynamics is a profiling technique which assesses your personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviour.  The resulting profile is a natural path to your most productive state called ‘flow’

What is Flow?

Flow can be thought of as the path of least resistance, where you add the most value and get the most done.  When we are in Flow our actions become effortless, we are in harmony with our natural talents, obstacles are easily overcome, actions are completed and our sense of enjoyment and productivity increase.  In contrast, when we are out of Flow  you can feel a sense of overwhelm, anxiety and unhappiness.

Where does Talent Dynamics Originate From?

Talent Dynamics is based on extensive research of the ancient Chinese system of thinking called the I Ching, which translates as “ Book of Changes”.  Many commonly used profile techniques also derive their basis from the I Ching.  However, Talent Dynamics is unique in that is also incorporates the Chinese philosophies which describe the five natural frequencies or energy types.  These energy types manifest themselves in the character traits that we can see easily in people around us.


There are eight Talent Dynamics profiles. Each represents a certain mix of energy, thinking and action styles. The profiles are not a label but an entrance point to understand yourself in terms of how you act and think as well as the types of roles that you might be suited


What does it mean for you?

The Talent Dynamics Profile provides you with a  guide to help you on your path by identifying strategies and steps to focus on. It will give you insights and clarity on yourself and your interaction with others and how you can improve your current performance levels around your natural talents.

Talent Dynamics is also a very powerful communication tool. As a manager, leader or business owner, Talent Dynamics will give you insights into how you can best communicate with the team members in your enterprise who are profiles other than your own so that they feel connected to and understand the message you are delivering.

If you increase the time you spend in flow you will see your satisfaction and productivity at work increase, your focus and sense of purpose increase and your happiness and sense of wellbeing improve in all aspects of your life.

How Do I Get Started?!

Contact me now to arrange for your own Talent Dynamics Profile.  – it takes just 10 minutes to do and you will receive an uncannily accurate 35 page report on you which will highlight your strengths, weaknesses, best roles in teams and much more.

To make the most of the profile I can also provide a 1 hour debrief where you will gain clarity on your profile, what it means for you and importantly how you can apply the knowledge to increase the time you spend in Flow.

Fill out the contact form or email me on louise@nb-coaching.com, I’ll send you all you need to get started.

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