Are you a Steel Genius?

Steel genius systems smart

Last but not least it’s the Steel Genius

Steel Genius:

📊  Systems Smart : You take care with detail but are often over-cautious. Warren Buffett, Henry Ford and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg share this genius

📊 Analytic Learner: Usually learns best by studying and reading all the details to understand fully instead of talking about content.

📊 Data-based Leader: Focuses at the data and detail and leads best when managing everyone by measures and metrics. While Tempo Genius is about consultation, Steel Genius is about calculation. Whereas a Blaze leader can assess his sales team by being out on the field with them, the Steel leader will know just by looking at the numbers.

📊  When entrepreneurs such as Getty and Rockefeller are criticized for their aloof style, it is exactly that style which enables them to lead from the back, rather than from the front or the side.

In Wealth Dynamics the 4 energies of Dynamo, Blaze, Tempo and Steel are further divided into 8 profiles which I will be sharing next 

If you see elements of yourself in several of the Genius types, then you will probably get more clarity when we look at the profiles.