Wealth Dynamics

Wealth Dynamics is the world’s leading profiling tool for Entrepreneurs, with over 500,000 people already having taken the test to discover their genius. The test was created by Roger Hamilton, Founder of the Entrepreneurs Institute.

By answering a series of questions, you will be provided with a personalised report which will give you clear direction on what path to follow in your job, business and investments. Why make things hard work when you can follow your flow?

You will be shown where your natural strengths and weaknesses are across multiple different areas, highlighting your primary and secondary profiles for creating wealth, and your dominant energy.



Why does Wealth Dynamics work so well for entrepreneurs?

There are similar elements within Wealth Dynamics and popular psychometric tests, as they all have a common modern origin in Carl Jung’s work on archetypes. However, Wealth Dynamics is different in that it provides an intuitive structure, practical strategies, modern role models and a link back to the roots of profiling 5,000 years ago.

Wealth Dynamics is unique compared to other personality tests in the following five ways

Tailored to entrepreneurs

  • Wealth Dynamics doesn’t put you in a box, but highlights a formula and path specifically for entrepreneurs, with role models to follow.

Synchronized to time

  • In fast changing times, Wealth Dynamics is the only personality test which shows you how your strengths link to the cycle of time.

Intuitive and easy to follow

  • While many personality tests are not easy to explain to others, once you know the eight profiles and how they link to the way we create value and leverage it, it’s easy to explain and apply to others.

Linked to your flow

  • You can use Wealth Dynamics immediately to directly grow your flow, and use the GeniusU mission to measure your flow.

Linked to your entrepreneurial spirit

  • Through its link to the I-Ching and the five Chinese elements, Wealth Dynamics links to the fifth element – spirit, your purpose, and the question ‘why’.

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