Dearest Louise,

Thank you so much for your incredible support, helping me to birth through a very important time in my life.  Through you I can see clearly that everything is possible”

Cate Mackenzie – Love Coach

heart from Cate

“The key to the success of my coaching sessions is that the coach helped me to define the goals for myself. This approach really helps you to think about all aspects of your life and what you really want to achieve. The process was also flexible allowing me to build upon or modify the goals following each session. The sessions have completely changed the way I approach my aspirations and my achievements have given me a great deal of personal satisfaction. I would heartily recommend coaching and Louise to anyone”

Retired School Teacher

” Louise helped me to prioritize and focus on what is important in my life, she helped me to be more organised, having my coaching checking on my actions was a good motivation for me, the coaching sessions saved me a lot of time by stopping me focusing on what wasn’t important! The successes that I have had with my goals are life changing. Thank you Louise”

Irene- New Business Owner

“Louise conducts herself professionally throughout every coaching session. She challenges me to come up with ideas and helps me to set goals for myself. When I first started Life Coaching I was about to launch my own business. I was very apprehensive at the time but Louise not only encouraged me to set targets for myself but helped me with positive affirmations. I still say my affirmations daily, they have really helped me to gain confidence in myself. I also enjoy the follow up e-mails, Louise often sends humorous anecdotes or words of encouragement. She knows that I like the science behind things and sometimes if something has come up during our session she will research it and forward it on to me afterwards. I set targets a few months ago that I would have a steady stream of clients and that my life would be more balanced. By 1st June I can happily say that Louise helped me to achieve this”

New Business Owner

“Louise has been an excellent coach for me as I am having issues with a reduction in sales due to current economic climate. She has helped me identify productive ways in which I can manage the company better in these times of change.   Louise has used tools which have worked effectively when she felt I needed time between the sessions to reflect and to collate what is working and not working so well. 

Louise has helped me to stretch outside my comfort zone and help me be more creative in ideas and how to lead the team in times of hardship. She has helped me revisit my values and to use those effectively with getting the best out of the people who work for me.

Louise has helped me to see how effective I am being by getting me to talk about the progress I have made and helped me to build on this progress in a relaxed atmosphere

She has been great in building a rapport with me and I felt I can trust her with any ideas I may have even if I think they are a bit off the wall

I definitely would recommend Louise as a coach”

Managing Director

“Since I started working with Louise, I have felt empowered and engaged from each session to achieve my own personal goals. Louise has kept me focused and her relaxed and very friendly manner has assisted and inspired me to move forward with my chosen goals. As a client, it is very easy to connect with Louise. She has listened and understood what I was telling her with natural empathy. Louise has been very flexible to my hectic work schedule and extremely accommodating at all times. This has naturally helped me to build an excellent rapour with her. The impact of Louise’s coaching has been particularly significant to me in working towards my chosen goals. I have successfully achieved my most relevant goal and am very grateful for her support and encouragement in doing so”

Sales and Marketing Executive