As a team leader, manager or business owner you may be very clear on the vision for the business and where you’re headed but are your team as clear?

You may be very excited and motivated about the work you do but are you able to pass this on to those you work with?

We all have our own leadership and communication style which has developed overtime, are you clear on your style?  How about your team?

How does a visual person need information compared to those with a kinesthetic style?  Are members of your team Creator or Deal Maker profiles?  Can you quickly spot different styles ? How should you communicate with them?

By understanding ourselves first we can ensure we are communicating with our teams more effectively, reducing frustration, saving time and ensuring the whole team is focused and heading in the right direction.

Through team coaching and interactive workshops you and your team will gain insights and learn techniques into how you can best communicate with team members so that they feel connected to and understand the message you are delivering.