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Did you know that by becoming Focused & In Flow you could increase your productivity by 500%?

Even if you increase flow by 20% you could double your productivity.

What would that mean for your business but more importantly your life, happiness and satisfaction?

The Focused and In Flow Programme will address the key foundations to ensure you spend more time in flow.

  • Creating Clarity – From Fuzzy to Focused
  • Connecting to your own Genius– From Scattered to Flow
  • Connecting With Others – From Isolation to Conscious Collaboration

✔ 12 live mastermind sessions

✔ 6 exclusive masterclasses with guest experts

✔ Private circle for collaboration and support

✔ Co working sessions

✔ Access to a library of additional materials

Register your interest before the end of January 2022 and you will also receive a 90 minute 1:1 bonus session with me.

A small deposit will secure your place, you can then spread the remaining payments across 3 or 6 months.

 What’s Included

Live zoom calls, focused and in flow

12 Weekly Live Calls

Weekly calls with other successful  business owners.

 Videos & workbooks will be available before each session so we focus our time on sharing best practice & solving challenges during the weekly live sessions.

Wealth dynamics

Wealth Dynamics Profile

By answering a series of questions, you will be shown your natural strengths, highlighting your primary and secondary profiles for creating trust, flow and value.

Why make things hard work when you can follow your flow?

GeniusU Private Circle

Private circle where you can connect with attendees for ongoing support, questions and sharing.

All of the calls are recorded so you can access them here & listen again whenever you need them.

Live zoom calls, focused and in flow

6 Exclusive Masterclass Sessions

Successful business owners and speakers will share their expertise in masterclasses designed exclusively for the group.

Fun, practical and interactive sessions including use of LEGO to enhance creative thinking, mindfulness & digital marketing.


Co Working Sessions

Weekly 90-minute coworking session.

Focused time which ensures you tackle the tasks you know will make a difference but keep putting off.

Library of Bonus Materials

Additional support material will be available from within the private circle.

You can choose microdegrees which are pertinent to you, everything from Improving your LinkedIn Profile to Health Dynamics and Managing Cashflow

How will it work?

We’ll be taking a step back and looking at your values & beliefs, your passion & purpose, vision and mission, personally and in your business. Peeling back the layers and getting clarity on your brand essence and how this flows through your business

We’ll look at what makes you unique and how you can leverage this through all your sales and marketing activities and how you can create effective collaborations to ensure you get into flow.

There will be 12 live group sessions and also 6 masterclasses with guest experts looking at mindfulness, mindset, digital marketing & creating your brand online and using techniques such as Lego and raising our vibrations to tap into our true potential

All sessions will be recorded, you can access the recording of all sessions in a private circle, hosted on GeniusU

The circle will contain all the material you need for the programme plus you can interact with the other participants between sessions, share ideas, successes and ask for additional support.

Introducing our Guest Experts- running exclusive masterclasses as part of the programme

KATIE SHEEN – Mindfulness Teacher & Speaker

Katie helps you discover your path to a calmer, happier life by inspiring you with ideas, activities and meditations drawn from the huge breadth and depth of mindfulness. 

She has been practicing mindfulness since 2001, primarily practicing in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, Katie is also an accredited also Breathworks teacher and undertakes regular CPD training in trauma sensitive mindfulness.

You can find more information on Katie’s website

ALEX ROSBOROUGH – Digital Marketing Expert

Helping businesses overcome the biggest problem they face in this new digital age.

Becoming more visible online, building and growing an audience of ideal customers and clients, and then turning that audience into a steady stream of leads and sales.


You can find more information on Alex’s website

Anat Shabi Facilitator and executive coach


ANAT SHABI – Facilitator and Executive Coach 

Anat combines over two decades of coaching & management expertise to create bespoke & creative workshops.

A pharmacist turned facilitator & coach, she successfully introduced LegoSeriousPlay to her virtual workshops.  The fresh perspective of using 3D models allows participants to uncover creative solutions to obstacles & challenges.


You can find more information on Anat’s website


TANYA LLOYD – Personal Brand photographer and Coach

Tanya is passionate about supporting and empowering entrepreneurs to do life and business their way, with ease and confidence.

She specialises in taking images that make you feel confident and beautiful.


You can find more information on Tanya’s website


KRISTINE KOLZING – Spiritual Teacher & Mindset Coach.

Her mission is to connect you with your intuition, showing you how to work smarter, not harder, so you can let go of the mindset blocks that keep you stuck in the hustle.

As the founder of Align + Design Your Life, Kristine specialises in seeing what obstacles are standing in your way and how to overcome the limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, and old stories.

You can find more information on Kristine’s website


ALLISON WENTWORTH ROSS – Vibration Alignment Coach.

Allison helps entrepreneurs align their body, mind, and spirit so they’re able to vibrate at their highest frequency and allow abundance to flow.

By combining the basics of neuroscience and quantum physics with more than twenty years of business experience, she helps entrepreneurs to recognise and overcome their unconscious fears and self-limiting beliefs.

You can find more information on Allison’s website

Five Reasons to Join Focused & In Flow



Business success

Taking a focused approach rather than trying to emulate the ways of others, reduces frustration & overwhelm, allowing you to achieve the results you deserve.

By spending time in flow you can increase your productivity by 500%?

Even if you increase flow by 20% you can double your productivity.

Personal fulfilment

When you link your business with your passions and purpose you will feel more motivated, have a clear sense of direction and experience fulfilment both personally and in business.

Join a collaborative community

With online technology, coaching support doesn’t need to be dependent on one location, you will be able to connect with business owners from across the world.  Gaining fresh perspectives and alternative solutions to common issues.

Personalised Action

With guest experts and the collective input from the group you will be supported to find the solution right for you, not an off the shelf solution.

Weekly Co Working Sessions

I know this may seem a little strange, online co-working?!  But trust me, it does work!  How many times do you plan to work on your business, yet it never seems to happen?  Get those tasks completed and see the benefit every week.


What We Will Cover:

Each session will focus on creating more flow in your life & business.

Creating Clarity – From Fuzzy to Focused

We’ll be taking a step back and looking at your values & beliefs, your passion & purpose, vision and mission.

Peeling back the layers and getting clarity on your brand essence and how this flows through your business.

Connecting to your own Genius– From Scattered to Flow

You don’t have to be an expert in everything, you need to connect to our own genius.

We’ll identify how you can spend more time in your flow channel & how you express your powerful presence, reconnecting with your credible authority and what makes you unique.


Connecting With Others – From Isolation to Conscious Collaboration

Now you understand what make you unique you can leverage this through all your sales and marketing activities.

We’ll consider your value cycle, how to use authentic & trusted selling and which marketing strategies will work best for you.

Throughout the programme we will identify how you can create effective collaborations to ensure you get into and stay in flow.








Your mentor & guide for this 12 week programme.

Hi, I’m Louise Mosley corporate escapee  and founder of NB Coaching, supporting business owners to find their flow and become neutrally buoyant.  A passionate scuba diver, traveller, and lover of the underwater world even the name NB Coaching was inspired by the marine environment.



I have over 20 yrs experience in Sales & Marketing, from working in pharmaceutical sales to managing hotel reservations in Honduras, so when I say that I have a unique range of experience to pull from & can help you find the solution that’s right for you, I really can!











With so many businesses all vying for our attention, we can get drowned out in all the noise.

Rather than just shout louder and contribute to the problem, I want to be part of the solution and I feel that collaboration rather than competition is the key.

That is why I have incorporated opportunities for co working and collaboration into the programme, also bringing in guest experts with fresh perspectives to further expand our support network.

I would love you to join the programme and support your continued success.

If you have any questions at all please just book a call or email me and we can chat.

Who Should Join?

Ambitious, successful business owners who are experts in their field and yet spend more time doing everything else, rather than what they really love!

Entrepreneurs with an established business who know they are working too hard and they and their business have more potential than they are currently achieving.

Business owners who value being part of a trusted circle of likeminded business owners where they can access advice, guidance, support and accountability.  

New business owners who are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of advice available.   Having the opportunity to get the foundations in place and discuss challenges with other business owners will accelerate  progress and confidence

frustrated business owners

“I’m working harder and harder and sometimes wonder why I went into business in the first place!”

I’ve always worked as part of a team and I really do miss that aspect of working for a larger company.”

“I see so many business who look as though they have it all sorted & feel I should be doing the same, but deep down I know it’s not really me, I really don’t want to be a vlogger!”

“I alternate between stress & boredom, sometimes it feels like I’m doing the same thing being busy yet not really getting anywhere.”

How Much Is the Programme?


I understand how important cash flow is to any business & don’t want the price to be a barrier to joining the programme, so you can choose one of 3 payment options.


Place a deposit of £295 + remaining £1000 before the programme begins in January 2022



Place a deposit of £295 + 3 monthly payments of £360 starting in January 2022



Place a deposit of £295 + 6 monthly payments of £199 starting in January 2022


Let’s have a chat and see which option works best for you.

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