Are you a Tempo Genius?

Tempo genius, senses smart

It’s time for the Tempo Genius

Tempo Genius:

⏰ Senses Smart: Grounded, but often gets lost in activity – Leaders from Gandhi to Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa share this genius.

⏰ Kinaesthetic Learner: Usually learns best with hands on experience

instead of listening to others or reading the theory.

⏰ Activity-based Leader: Focuses on ongoing activity, and leads best when keeping everyone on track. While Dynamo Genius is about creation and Blaze Genius is about collaboration, Tempo Genius is about consultation. A Tempo leader will check themselves and their teams against their activity relative to the market.

⏰   Don’t expect a creative plan from a Tempo leader. Do expect what needs to be done to get it done on time.

Any Tempo Genius people out there?