How to sell the way people want to buy

We have all encountered pushy salespeople & cold calling which leaves us feeling irritated & disengaged. On the flip side, we also have trusted suppliers and individuals where the conversation flows, the experience is positive & we continue to do business with them time & time again. So what is it about these contrasting sales interactions that leads to such different outcomes?


In the first instance the salesperson hasn’t understood the problems you face, what issues are you looking to solve. For them it’s a one size fits all approach, pushing a product or service at you, whether you need it or not!

In the second it’s a two-way process, a conversation, aligning the discussion to meet their needs as the buyer, not yours as the salesperson.

In short, it’s about being sold to in way they want to buy. Remote working has become the norm for many people, with less opportunities for face to face networking so how do you develop trust and rapport quickly with someone you have never met before?

Wealth dynamics

Can you use the Genius Type to Help?


Each Genius type has a preferred way to communicate and also to buy.

Understanding this helps to accelerate trust, rapport and ultimately business.

If you want to improve your sales then why not book a 1:1 zoom session with me now and find our how you can sell the way people want to buy.


Who will benefit from the session?

  • Business owners who haven’t yet found their own style & sometimes struggle in a “sales” situation
  • Those who find themselves saying “ I don’t do sales!” yet has a business & needs clients

During the 90 minute 1:1 zoom session you will:

  • Uncover your own naturally authentic buying & selling style
  • Quickly identify & align with how your customers like to buy
  • Understand how to engage at a rational & emotional level
  • Understand a simple 6 step selling framework which helps you pull it all together

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    Selling the way people want to buy

    What Others Say About the Sessions

    “You don’t close a sale, you open a relationship, if you want to build a long-term successful enterprise”  Patricia Fripp