Are you busy or in flow?

How often are you asked, are you busy?

The reply is often that “Yes we are!” but take a moment to consider if you are being productive too.

Being in flow is very different from being busy.

Consider the flow of a river, the main path of the river takes the fastest route to the sea but there are other currents there too, you could be caught in an eddy current, going round & round, feeling like you’re going really fast but in reality you’re not going anywhere!

We can often feel like this in life and business too.

When you are in flow you combine your natural talents & passions, spending time on activities where you add the most value and are trusted to add the most value.

For some, it can be difficult to pin-point our natural talents and passions as over time we can lose what it was that we really wanted from life. We can become so used to listening to the instructions and opinions of other people, the media, friends, bosses, partners and family that we may no longer have a clear idea of what we do want.

Think about what you thought you wanted to be as a child.

What made you laugh? What were your drawn to? What did you enjoy? What you were told you were good at or what you remember doing easily and effortlessly?

Has this been lost or just hidden from view?

Take time to peel back the layers that have been imposed on us by society, friends, family and ourselves. Learn how to listen to yourself and your intuition again and rediscover what makes us tick.

Or is this still you?

If would like some help reconnecting with your natural talents & more importantly need to know how to apply them to your business, let me know, I may just have a profiling tool which would help!