Do you know your Zone of Genius?

Everyone is a genius

Do you know your Zone of Genius?

In previous posts we’ve discussed working in your zone of genius but there is probably a bigger question we need to consider first.

⭐️  Do you know your Zone of Genius?   ⭐️

You probably know the projects you excel at and the ones that give you that heart sink feeling but are you structuring your day and your business to make the most of your talents?

I’ve been using a system called Wealth Dynamics for many years, both personally and with clients to help them get into flow.

It uses 4 main energies groups or geniuses (or should that be genii?  Anyway, multiple genius states)

The 4 Geniuses are:

💡 Dynamo ~ Creation & Perspective

🔥  Blaze ~ Communication & Collaboration

⏰  Tempo ~ Consultation & Perception

💎 Steel ~ Calculation & Clarity

You will be a combination of all four.  However, you will have a dominant state and preference.

I’ll be sharing more in the next posts but if you want to know more information now just let me know via the contact form