What is Trusted Selling?

We have all encountered pushy sales people and cold calling which leaves us feeling irritated and disengaged.  On the flip side we also have trusted suppliers and individuals where the conversation flows, the experience is positive and we continue to do business with them time and time again.

So what is it about these contrasting sales interactions that leads to such different outcomes?

In the first instance the salesperson hasn’t understood the problems you face, what issues are you looking to solve.  For them it’s a one size fits all approach, pushing a product or service at you, whether you need it or not!

In the second it’s a two way process, a conversation, aligning the discussion to meet their needs as the buyer, not yours as the sales person.  In short it’s about being sold to in way they want to buy.

How do you develop trust and rapport quickly with someone you have never met before?

Basically, we all like to be communicated with in different ways & once you understand your own style & can recognise others’ styles, this promotes better relationships, more productive conversations & improves business.

Working together you will uncover:

·         Your own naturally authentic selling style

·         Quickly identify & align with how your customers like to buy

·         How to engage at a rational & emotional level

·         A selling framework which aids understanding & builds trust between you & your clients

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