Ikigai– Put simply it is the reason you get up in the morning

Ikigai is found at the intersection where your passions and talents converge with the things that the world needs and is willing to pay for.

If you think about the 4 areas of the ikigai as wheels on a car or shopping trolley.  If they aren’t in balance, no matter how hard you push they just don’t want to go where you want them to!

Likewise in life, if you don’t have balance in the areas of, no matter how hard you work your progress can be slow and frustrating.

Your Personal Ikigai

Consider each of the areas:

👉Passion- how much am I living my passion?

👉Mission- how much am I living my purpose?

👉Profession- How much am I living my talents?

👉Vocation- To what extent am I paid my worth?

Give yourself a score out of 10 for each of these questions.

What’s your Ikigai personal score?

Is there one area which is way out of kilter?  Or maybe all are a little low?

This is where I can help

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