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Eat That Frog- how to overcome procrastination

Do you struggle to manage your time effectively and be as productive as you would like to be?

According to Brian Tracy  “If  the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day.
Overcome procrastination by eating your frog
Your “frog” is your biggest, most important task, the one you are most likely to procrastinate on.   It is also the one task that can have the greatest positive impact.
Furthermore, if you have two frogs, eat the ugliest one first. If you have two important tasks before you, start with the biggest, hardest and most important task first. Discipline yourself to begin immediately and then to persist until the task is complete before you go on to something else”
To improve your productivity and overcome procrastination, which frog will you be eating today?!
Please note that no frogs were actually harmed during the writing of this post

Both Loud & Quiet?

Short article from Pat Wadors   http://www.quietrev.com/im-both-quiet-and-loud-are-you/

Is your style confusing to those around you? Do you think you may be giving mixed signals?

I know I’ve confused many people when I started to share that I was an introvert. I didn’t used to share that label with a sense of pride (although now, I do!). I shared it so people could understand me a bit better. At work, it was a challenge. I get my energy when I have time alone and can process what I am thinking. I expend that energy when I am at work or attending big social events.

So, why am I confusing?

Well, I am both loud and quiet. My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment clearly reflected the introversion style with one exception: I must be heard—but only when it matters. This motivation of mine helped me navigate my very big and loud Irish family—I am the youngest of eight siblings!

There are many times throughout the work day when I am quiet. I have little to say when the conversation is going in a direction I support or I don’t think I’m a stakeholder in the outcome. In many cases, I’m in learning mode and absorbing all that’s being shared. I’m processing. It is later that I will form an opinion. In the room, I can be quiet.

But I am also loud. I say a lot when it matters. When I am committed to an outcome, when I believe the conversation is going in the wrong direction, or when I am excited about possibilities and realize the people in the conversation are also learning from this experience, I speak up. When I am presenting to a large crowd or teaching to a team, I am loud. I love those moments. They are magical, and I need them as much as I need my quiet time.

It’s situational. It’s also predictablebut only if I share that insight with the people around me. When I am quiet in your meeting, you may believe I am not supporting you. When I am eating my lunch without contributing much to the conversation, you may believe I don’t want to be with you. That’s not the case. I am always authentic with my voice, but I need to recharge my energy and process my thinking in my head to have my best thoughts come out.

Please don’t be confused! Yes, I care about you, the conversation, and the direction the dialogue is taking us. Please don’t confuse my quiet times with indifference, or my loud times with me being pushy or argumentative (or even inauthentic). I’m just sharing my voice and my passion when I feel inspired to.

Key Learning: Introverts exist on a spectrum. How quiet or loud are we? That’s also not binary.

Let’s make it easier for folks to know us.  Learn to “declare oneself” at work. I know I did it because without doing so, I would’ve failed to become the leader I wanted to be. With new cultural attention to introversion and different styles of temperament, we can all find a way to declare who we are, what our styles of communication are, and how we wish to share our voices.

I believe strongly that being an introvert is an asset, but society has long believed that extroverted traits are more desirable. With the publication of Susan Cain’s Quiet and the launch of Quiet Revolution, I know that many will celebrate the amazing talents of the Introvert. Introverts can also learn how to better leverage their assets and work alongside our extroverted peers. Both styles have strengths and weaknesses; you just have to learn the best way to navigate them so you can achieve your goals.

As an introvert, I know I have my place in the world. As do you. Just declare yourself—it made all the difference to me. Be it loud or quiet, we want to hear from you.




The Lord Profile

Lord Profile – Lords possess high steel energy making them detailed, process people.

Cautious and organised they only make decisions when provided with the appropriate information.

Lords don’t crave the limelight and often prefer to be left alone to analyse the data. It doesn’t just have to be numbers, they are also meticulous with the written word and spot errors in written material which makes them great at proof reading the final documents.



Whilst they can be more introverted than some other profiles they also need a strong team around them as they don’t enjoy up front sell networking and prefer to analyse data and control assets and costs rather than devise the strategy from scratch.

Lords may value the task in hand over social niceties so don’t expect them to engage in small talk or chit chat.

Well known Lords include John Rockerfeller and Lakshmi Mittal.


Are you a Creator Profile?

Creators are visionary, big picture thinkers, great at creating new projects and products.



Dynamic individuals who create value via innovation and excel at getting projects off the ground although completion is more of a challenge.  They can also leave others in a team behind as they don’t always communicate the vision they hold in their mind clearly to the rest of us!

Creators come in two forms: the introverted Creators are the inventors, working on many new ideas or projects at the same time, James Dyson is a good example.  The extroverted Creators are the pioneers, innovative but focused, creating not just products but businesses as well, think about Richard Branson for this type of Creator.

Do any of these traits remind you of someone?  Are you a Creator?


Are you a Star Profile?

Individuals with a Star Profile are also very creative but as they a tend to have a higher % of Blaze energy than creators they are also people people.





They like drawing attention to other peoples creations, shining a light on others achievements. Vibrant mobilisers, who build rapport quickly, are great communicators and powerful influencers.

Stars need a team to be at their best.  As they aren’t strong at the detail they need to ensure they aren’t off and running with the first ideas that come their way before considering others.

Oprah, Madonna and Barack Obama are all Star profiles, how about you?



Are you a Supporter Profile?

For the supporter it is all about people.  They are fantastic at motivating, engaging and encouraging others.  Seeing the potential in people around them and  inspiring them to be the best they can be.




They thrive in teams where they are given direction and bring the best out in others through fun and celebration.


Not great at detail they prefer to be out and about, networking, meeting other people and translating value into action by engaging others. They love to chat which can mean they seek too many opinions and can change direction frequently if not given a plan to follow.

Jack Welch ( Retired CEO General Electric), Tony Blair and Chris Anderson of TED are all Supporters, does the profile sound familiar to you or someone you know?



The Deal Maker Profile

Deal Maker Profile – The Deal Maker is the most networked of all the profiles.

They have the most connections with strong relationships.  They not only know lots of people but they are true connections rather acquaintances.  Deal makers are naturally very curious people, who want to know all about you and how they can help.  They instinctively connect the right people, bringing people together at the right time.


Sensitive to the needs of the people around them, they are outgoing and entertaining looking to collaborate and keep the peace.   They need structure to deliver and are dependent on the quality and quantity of their network.  Often too quick to please they can lose their own identity and can be easily distracted.

James Caan and Donald Trump are both Deal Makers, how about you?  Or is your profile up next?


The Trader Profile

Trader Profile- With strong Tempo energy the Trader is a connected and highly sensory person.

They are the best person to be focused on delivery.  They thrive at project implementation and customer service, delivering what the Star has sold.  Balanced and observant individuals who often have long lists of things to achieve but they still deliver on time.


As they are so focused on the here and now they can struggle to see the big picture and overall strategy.  The Trader creates strong customer relationships.  However, they don’t thrive being up front doing the selling to new people and need a team environment to really deliver their greatest value.

Alan Sugar and Nelson Mandela are both Trader Profiles, what about you?



The Accumulator Profile

Accumulator Profile – Accumulators are the most risk adverse of all the profiles so when they say it’s a good time to do something then it’s a good time.

Introverted by nature they gather and analyse data, researching in depth so they can deliver a considered, meticulous and timely offering.  They frequently under promise and over deliver, are reliable and deliver projects on time and on budget.


td_accumulator1-244x300Whilst the Stars are quick to spend the Accumulators are quick to save and rarely make rash decisions, some may feel they are procrastinators whilst in reality they just need more data to make an informed choice.   They make great ambassadors for the company and excel at project management, HR and compliance.

Warren Buffet and JP Morgan are both Accumulator Profiles.  What about you?