Are you Busy Being Busy?

Apr 26, 2020

How many times a day do you hear or say things like:

“I’m so busy”  “There’s never enough time?” “How you doing…. Busy?”

We tend to equate being busy with being successful, yet often being busy doesn’t always equal being productive or successful.

In this article I want to discuss two concepts NEUTRAL BUOYANCY & FLOW


As some of you know the NB in my company name stands for Neutral Buoyancy,

As a diver being neutrally buoyant means you are floating in mid water, neither bobbing to the surface or sinking down, it should be the most relaxed state, using the least energy and air and one in which to enjoy the dive to its full.

But what does that really mean on a practical level?

I have floaty feet and am very buoyant so without enough weight I struggle to maintain a horizontal position so I dive with small ankle weights, it’s not a lot of fun diving upside down! I can use up a lot of energy fighting this if I don’t have my own weight sorted.

For others like my dive buddy Neil, if he used the same weights as me, he would be diving almost vertically!

Second concept is FLOW

When you are diving, there is often a current, if it’s going in the direction you want, that’s great, if not, it’s very hard work.

Another way to look at this, still on a watery theme is to think about a river, there is the main current which is the fastest way to get from upstream to downstream but there are also many eddy currents, where you’re going round and round, fighting really hard but ultimately not getting anywhere.

One, both or neither of these analogies may work for you, but  what I wanted  to get you to think about is how you spend your day. Are you busy being busy or are you being productive?

We are all individuals, so you need to find the way that works for you, not just follow what everyone else is doing.

There may be one obvious area in your life or business in which you would like to improve your flow or there may be a few.

If you would like a few prompt questions to help you identify which area is your number one priority let me know in the contact form and I’ll send over a workbook to help you get started.