Are you chasing butterflies?

Apr 29, 2021

Sales– Love it or hate it we all need people to buy our products or services, or we will have no business.  Yet, for many business owners the very mention of the word sales makes them want to hide in their shell!


It’s often the idea of selling that’s the issue, the old traditional style of pushy people who try to sell things we really don’t want or need.


I often hear people saying they don’t need to sell as their clients come from referrals or they just can’t sell when the reality is, when the conditions are right, we all sell, and we can all sell.


We just need to find the right way for us and our customers.

Just for a moment, I want you to think about the sales and marketing process from a different perspective, from the perspective of a transfer of energy.


Rather than think about sales as a transactional process, either exchanging money or information think about it from the perspective of a transfer of energy, passion and inspiration.


According to quantum physics, everything is energy, and it vibrates at its own frequency, many believe that even our emotions vibrate at different frequencies too.


Dr David Hawkins, physicist and philosopher created a scale of consciousness which suggests a hierarchy of human consciousness on a scale of 1 to 1000 where 1 is just existing, being alive and 1000 is an advanced state of enlightenment.


As we move from low frequency to a higher vibration we move from negative to positive emotions.


Whether you believe emotions do have a vibrational frequency or not, we’ve all come into contact with people who energise us and are fun to be around and the opposite, the “mood hoovers” who leave you feeling exhausted.  Other peoples’ emotions and feelings have an impact on us.


Buying is also an emotional process, yes, we may rationalise the decision, but the main motivators are from an emotional perspective.


When we approach our sales conversations from a position of negativity or lack or fear we vibrate at a low frequency, and others can sense that.


Whatever your feelings about sales, marketing, emotions or energy, I’m sure we can all agree that People buy into people before they will consider your products and services.


So, what I would like to encourage you to think about when you considering your sales and marketing activities is what really inspires you? why you do what you do and how can you convey this energy and passion into all your activities.


One final thought:

If you were to think about your clients or customers as lovely butterflies. Ask yourself;

Are you chasing them with a net or are you creating a beautiful garden planted with the right flowers to attract them to you?